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Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)

The CCP Course is the Most Effective Way to Prepare for CMMC

Renowned instructor, Koren Wise, will lead you through source documents, scoping, and the assessment process. Koren Wise is a seasoned Security Architect and an experienced Certified CMMC Assessor. She has participated in several Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments. She has sat on both sides of the table during the assessments, as assessor and implementor. As an implementor and consultant, she recently brought the smallest OSC thus far to participate in the JSVA where they scored the perfect score of "110". She implemented the solutions utilized from beginning to end, all configurations, documentation, and a comprehensive training program.

Learn how to be an integral part of the CMMC assessment team or get your company ready.  You can use your CCP in several ways. Use it to consult and perform Gap Analysis and Implementation. Use It to help your company prepare for assessment. Go on to become a Certified CMMC Assessors. Leave with a true understanding of the CMMC Assessment Process. We will go through all of the controls and spend time discussing each one.

Experienced instructors make the difference. The learning experience is maximized when excellent curriculum is coupled with instructors that are subject matter experts and great teachers. Great teachers care about the outcome of individual students. They are able to adapt while gauging comprehension through a variety of learning tools. You are being trained to be part of the ecosystem that will help to "Secure Our Nation's Supply Chain".  At WTI, we take that very seriously.

Koren Wise has delivered dozens of CCP courses and has been thanked by countless students who enjoyed her teaching and went on to take/pass the CCP exam. This course is invaluable for any company that is required to be 800-171 compliant and enter an accurate SPRS score. It would be difficult to prepare for what is coming without sending at least one employee through this course. The course is filled with MSPs, OSCs, and those on their journey to become a Certified CMMC Assessor. We use the gold standard “Edwards Performance Solutions Curriculum” which is filled with extras, a practice test, field guide, and course workbook. Join us as we discuss real-world scenarios and address all of your questions. Class is recorded each day and students can make up for missed class time utilizing the recordings and self-paced make-up process.



- Full Edwards Curriculum (Workbook, Field Guide, Link List, Copy of CAP 5.6.1)

- Extra Material under Pre-CourseExtras section can be used to supplement your learning. we cover all 110 controls, which includes all of Level 1&2.

- Quizzes and Practice Exams

- CMMC Assessment Process 5.6.1

Pre-Course Extras

https://youtu.be/jbY2irZ1ePg   The Fascinating History of CMMC as Told by Jacob Horne


Link to Model Overview

CMMCC 2.0 Spreadsheet and Mapping

Link to CMMC Glossary


Scoping Guidance

Link to CMMC Level 1 Scoping Guidance

Link to CMMC Level 2 Scoping Guidance


Assessment Guides

CMMC Level 1 Self-Assessment Guide

CMMC Level 2 Assessment Guide

CMMC Level 3 Assessment Guide: Under Development

Certification Process  

  • Pay $200 CCP Fee to obtain CMMC Professional Number (CPN)
  • Sign Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC)
  • Sign Individual Service Agreement
  • Successfully complete CCP training with an approved Licensed Training Provider (LTP). Your selected LTP will provide your completion information to the CAICO, you will see your training entitlement checked off once this has been completed.
  • Pay your $275 exam fee

CCP Exam Information

 Important:  Please use the CCP Blueprint as a study resource.

1) The CCP is exam is 3.5 hours, includes 170 multi-choice questions, requires a passing score of 500+ and is NOT an open book exam.

2) You will receive an exam registration email from Scantron/Meazure Learning within 1 business day from the completion of your CCP entitlements, see how to complete your entitlements here: Complete CCP Registration

3) If you haven’t received your registration email within 1 business day, please contact Scantron/Meazure Learning customer support at candidatesupport@meazurelearning.com  or call 919-572-6880.



Feel free to email anytime with questions.